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What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is so much more than shouting a message loud enough and often enough to make an impression.  Digital marketing, when done right, is about communicating your message and your story while engaging your customers and creating a community around your brand and your company.

That's why, at Ann's Social Media & Marketing, our team becomes an extension of your team.  When we post on social media platforms, create a newsletter or an email blast, write your blogs, manage your reviews or manage your website, we are doing it as part of your team.  We get to know your company's brand and message so that we can help to engage your community.  

By bringing all of the elements of digital marketing together with true engagement, your company becomes more than just another name on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, your company becomes a part of your customers' larger community.  

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Meeting Individual needs

What's In It For You?

You have a vision for your business, a set of core values and a plan you are carrying out on a daily basis.  You know your business better than anybody else. We want to be the exception.  We want to know your business just as well as you do. When we sit down with you for your initial consultation our goal is to listen.  We want to know what your goals are, how you want people to see your company and where you want to take your company in the next ten years.  We want to know what's in it for you. As we begin our relationship it is our goal to get to know your business so well that we come to you with ideas not just for marketing but for business growth in general.  In short, we are invested in your success.



  • Create a digital marketing strategy

  • Manage Social Media

  • 7 posts a week

  • Create graphics and videos with your photos

  • Assist in implementation of a Live Streaming Strategy



  • Create a digital marketing strategy

  • Manage Social Media

  • 7 posts a week

  • Create graphics and videos with your photos

  • Create 1 newsletter a month




  • Create a digital marketing strategy

  • Manage Social Media

  • 7 posts a week

  • Create graphics and videos with your photos

  • Create 1 newsletter a month

  • Create 4 blog posts a month

  • Manage website

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Social media


If you are a sole proprietor or just starting out in your business, the idea of hiring a marketing firm can be daunting.  Still, you are not an expert on social media. You wouldn't even know how to begin and if you did do you really have the time to manage it yourself?  Join us for this 5 hour class to learn how to create and plan a monthly marketing plan and even better how to automate it so you only have to think it about it once a month.

Register for our hands on Social Media Seminar


use an automated system to create a publishing schedule


Learn to create graphics

Create monthly marketing goals


Find your fans

gain hands-on experience




Our Philosophy

Our customers' business is our business.  When you sit down with a member of the ASMM team for your first consultation you will notice the difference.  Our enthusiasm for small business is evident in that first meeting.  But it is as the relationship grows that you realize just how genuine our enthusiasm is.  It is not unusual for a member of our team to call a client out of the blue with an idea for their business that has nothing to do with their digital marketing or social media.  We make a point of looking for opportunities to connect our clients to potential revenue sources and partnerships in marketing.  We make these connections and bring new ideas to your attention because once your business is on our radar, once you are our client, you are our responsibility.  When we say we help small businesses grow, we mean it.  

The secret of joy in work is contained in one word — excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.”

— Pearl Buck

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