A Company Dedicated to Ending Suicide

In 2013, two years and a little more than three months before Ann started Ann’s Social Media and Marketing, she raised $1000 for suicide prevention through the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Out of the Darkness Walk. A month later her son Ethan joined her and together they raised another $2400. The cause was personal to Ann and Ethan. At the time Ethan was struggling with his own depression and their community was well into it’s second wave of a cluster of suicides. The two wanted to make a difference and put an end to these suicides. Over the next three years the mother and son raised over $10,000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. In 2017, they decided they could do more.

By May 2017, Ann had started ASMM and was convinced she could use her digital agency to make a difference for her community and the cause. In a matter of three weeks the mother and son organized an event that has become a staple in the community, Burgers and Bands for Suicide Prevention. With support from Lee Priddy of Priddy Music Academy and The Bonk Team of Keller Williams, the pair created an event to represent the hope that they felt when Ethan survived his depression. They created an event that makes the subject of mental health part of the very fabric of their community. The event featured live bands throughout the day at the Severna Park Taphouse, a community hangout, with all of the bands volunteering their time for the event.

The first year, with three weeks of planning, Ann and Ethan, with the help of ASMM raised $8000 for AFSP. The following year, with Severna Park businesses, schools and families behind them, they planned to double that amount. They did so much more than that. Together, they raised $45,000 in cash and in kind donations.

In 2018, having formed Burgers and Bands for Suicide Prevention, Inc. and applied for non-profit status, Ann and Ethan are embarking on a campaign to take these events across the country. They have seen the difference opening the conversation about suicide prevention and mental health has made for their community and want to help communities throughout the United States do the same. In 2019, Ethan and Ann with the full commitment of ASMM behind them will hold two Burgers and Bands events. As always the first will be in their community. The second will be in Annapolis, Maryland.

When asked about the connection between Burgers and Bands and ASMM, Ann says, “ASMM allows me to follow my passion in life, marketing and provide the backbone for my purpose in life, ending suicide. I hope that we are not alone in our attempt to change the world through cause marketing. We challenge companies country wide to take up a cause, whether it is suicide prevention, cancer research, animal cruelty or special education. Finding a cause and putting your company behind it, is a very powerful combination.”

If you would like help creating a cause marketing campaign for a cause that you are truly passionate about Ann and her team would love to share their experience with you and help you begin your project. Contact us at 443-852-5274