Social Media as Salesforce

At Ann’s Social Media & Marketing, we believe that your business’s social media presence should be an extension of your salesforce.  Your social media presence should reflect the attitude and presence of the people you trust to send out into the field to sale your product.  

If your sales force is trained properly they are friendly and sociable.  They are capable of relating to your customers in a way that builds a relationship. They don’t walk in with their hand out, asking for business before they get to know the customer.  Instead they foster a relationship they can build on over a matter of days, weeks, months or years. The most effective salesperson creates customers for life.

Your social media should do the same. While we encourage our customers to include a link back to their site with almost every post, we also encourage them to leave their customers with something of value.  Sometimes this will be something of value about your company. But just as often it will be something that helps your customer immediately and directly.

As an example, Debi Vincent from Active Body & Health posts upcoming events or specials.  But she also post recipes she has found, articles about health and fitness and even videos with exercises you can do at home.  By doing this she builds trust with her customers. Often times, when a customer walks into her studio for the first time she feels like she knows Debi.  She feels like she already has a relationship with her.

At ASMM, we understand the importance of search engine optimization but we also know that bringing a customer to your website is only part of our job.  The most important part of our job is engaging your customers, building a relationship with them that will help them move from prospect to customer to fan to evangelist.  We do this by creating authentic content for each and every one of our clients.

When we describe our business, you will hear three words over and over again, engagement, relationship and community.  Successful businesses have a loyal customer base. They have customers who not only come back repeatedly, they tell their friends and even strangers about the business.  This is the model we have built our business on. We want to help you create and maintain and a successful business. We want to help you engage your customers, build relationships and create a community around your brand and your story.

If you would like to sit down with Ann and analyze your current social media brand, please email her directly at  She likes nothing more than learning about your business and helping you discover new ways to build a community.