Increase Page Likes Organically

With 175 million people logging onto Facebook every day, there is no doubt that Facebook is one of the greatest tools for increasing traffic to your business.  But how do you get people to see what you are posting? One important factor in increasing your visibility is to gain “page likes” on your Facebook page.

There are a hundred ways to increase Facebook Page likes but many of them are time consuming.  This one is quick and easy, especially if you do it on a daily basis.

Go to your Facebook page and scroll through your posts.  When you see one that has likes, look under the photo and you will see a list of the names of people who liked your post.

Click on the list of names and you will see an expanded list.  Beside the names it will either say, “liked” or it will say “invite.”  If it says invite it means the person liked your post but not your page.  By clicking invite you will invite them to like your page.


I have found that 90 percent of the people I invite to like a page using this message respond positively.

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