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Studies show people prefer to get messages from businesses via email.

People don’t want to be bombarded with ads every time they turn on the television or radio. They want more control of what they see. This is why social media and email marketing are so effective. They have control of the types of ads they see on social media and they decide whether to open an email.

Results are measurable.

While most digital marketing results are difficult to measure, email marketing results are truly measurable. After every email sent our team analyzes the results of the campaign. We can measure how many emails were opened, how many people clicked through to call or visit their website, what they were interested in and how many purchases were made.

Because the team at ASMM Marketing believe that every business is a person to person business, we also follow up with clients shortly after an email is sent to get their take on the results. What did we miss? What are they seeing that we cannot?

What we have discovered is that emails often trigger reactions whether they are opened or not. Our clients have told us they receive considerably more calls on the day an email is delivered. They also say these numbers are often higher than the click-thru rate shown by our data.

Return on investment is higher for email marketing than traditional marketing.

One client called us to tell us that he signed a $15,000 contract because of one of our emails. That is a 60x return on investment. How did that happen?

Although we have a regular schedule for emails, our team prides ourselves on becoming a part of your marketing team. This means that we are constantly thinking about our clients needs. In this case our client was a landscaper. we knew he had been focusing on correcting problem areas in a homeowner’s yard. When
Ann, our CEO, woke up that morning and went down for her morning coffee she noticed that it was raining and she noticed a puddle in her yard. She immediately went to her laptop and created an email for this client with the subject line “Tell us about the puddles in your yard.” She sent that email to his entire residential list.

Before she finished her first cup of coffee, our client was on the phone.

“You are not going to believe what happened,” he said.

He went on to say that one of his clients had received the email and called him before he even opened the email. He sent over the photo of the problem he had and signed on to have my client’s team on his property that day.

Your best new client is your current client.

In the above story, you can see how true this statement is. The homeowner had worked with our landscaper years before this email but was not a regular client.

In this case ASMM Digital got lucky because our client is one of our biggest fans and he was excited to tell us the story. His favorite part was learning that the homeowner had not even opened the email. The email had simply acted as a reminder that he already had a landscaper he trusted who could solve the problem he was currently having.

Email marketing is effective and inexpensive.

One of the reasons we love email marketing at ASMM Digital is that it gives us the opportunity to work with even the smallest businesses. It is an inexpensive way to reach clients and is often a first step into creating an overall marketing strategy for small businesses.

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