Ann's Unsolicited Advice

The new joke at ASMM is that we should be called Ann's Unsolicited Advice.  It's funny because it is true.  When you bring together a team of moms, there is a good chance there will be a lot of advice.  That's what we do.  But honestly, as funny as it is because Anastassia, Tammy and I are always offering advice, to each other, our kids, friends and clients, it also says a lot about us and the culture we have created at Ann's Social Media & Marketing.

We are a digital marketing agency.  We help our clients build websites, create newsletters and email blasts to bring in new business, build a brand on social media platforms and even create events that match the feel of our clients' businesses.  But we go a mile beyond that.  

Part of it comes in the form of unsolicited advice.  For a music studio we work with, we suggested they start offering Mommy & Me classes during their off times.  We work with our estate services company to support an initiative to save a local property.  We look for opportunities for each of our clients to grow their business not just through our services but far beyond that as well.

We make connections. We introduced the owner of a landscaping company that provides firewood to our client who replaces and repairs chimneys and helped them find a way to cross promote their businesses. We introduced our physical therapist to the local running club and helped them set up injury clinics.  We introduced our plumbing clients to our electrician clients and both to our builders. We believe that a digital marketing agency should extend beyond the internet.  

We want to get to know our clients and their customers in a way that we become a part of their team.  When they have a growth meeting, we want them to invite us in, not just so that we know what changes they are making within the company but so that we can offer a new perspective and fresh ideas.  

Ann's Unsolicited Advice is a joke born out of the truth that is ASMM.  Our team is invested in our clients' success not just because their success means our success but because we take pride in watching our clients grow.  

Ann Brennan